Christopher Denny

Front-End Web and Full-Stack Javascript Developer

A Little About Myself...

Christopher Denny's the name, awesome web development's the game!
I started my journey into web development in Middle School, fiddling with HTML and PHPBB. Using that knowledge and much playing with the technology of the time, I ran a forum with over 80 members at the age of 12.
That was a big deal to me!
Fast Forward to awkward High School Christopher with the ever lingering question of "What are you going to do with your life," I began to take a deeper look at Web Development. The Web had grown so much in that time with so many new languages, HTML had grown up, and there was a new world of possibilities. I started over from scratch, wanting to learn all that I could about HTML and CSS and becoming acclimated with all the new features HTML5 and CSS3 provided.
Fascinated by the power now available to me, as Matrix says "What do all people with power want? More power." I had to know more. Javascript, VueJS, React, Sass, jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, Drupal, Wordpress, Git, even Jekyll (yeah, I went there)...
No language, library, preprocessor, or framework was safe, I desired to learn it all.


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